JAM Center Visits Combine Volunteer Work and Fun | Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana
Jacob grins as he holds the edge of the pool at the JAM Center in Garrett. Every Friday, a few people from Easterseals Arc visit the JAM Center to do volunteer work, have lunch and enjoy the facility.
Jacob brought a pair of action figures to the pool when he visited the JAM Center one day in February.
Aaron soaks in the spa pool at the JAM Center in Garrett.
Domesha, left; Jacob, center; and Matt clean a train in a play area beside the pool at the JAM Center in Garrett.
Matt cleans a waterslide at the JAM Center in Garrett.
Domesha was nervous about getting in the pool, so staff member Karmare Scruggs held her hand as she moved along the edge.
Jacob springs out of the water playing basketball in the pool at the JAM Center in Garrett.
Jacob floats on his back in the pool at the JAM Center.

It’s become a weekly getaway for many of the people who take part in day services at Easterseals Arc’s Projects Drive Group. Every Friday, four to eight participants, accompanied by one or two staff members, make the half-hour drive north to the JAM Center, short for Judy A. Morrill Recreation Center, in Garrett.

They volunteer at the center by doing thinks like cleaning a meeting room or play equipment around the swimming pool. Then they enjoy themselves with any of many activities there, such as swimming or lifting weights. They wrap up with lunches they packed for the trip.

“It’s fun!” says Domesha, who overcame her nervousness about getting in the pool with help of Easterseals Arc staff member Karmare Scruggs. He held her hand securely as she waded along the edge of the pool.

Aaron took a dip in the main pool, but soon settled into the 93-degree spa pool. He loves visiting the JAM Center.

“I think it’s better than the Y,” Aaron said. “I love being here. All they need to do is add some boxing gloves. Then you’d really get the party started!”

Matt also said he enjoys visiting the JAM Center. While the others enjoyed having the pool to themselves one afternoon, he lifted weights instead. He says he enjoys walking in the gym and playing volleyball, too.

More people in the Easterseals Arc network are likely to become regulars at the JAM Center soon. Nikki Hile, a supervisor at Easterseals RISE, said staff there also plan to begin weekly visits to the JAM Center with participants.