DJ Andrew

DJ Andrew has been practicing his craft at parties for decades. Now he’s finally a radio DJ, too.

Aaron and RiChard

Aaron and RiChard play like their lives depend on it. No wonder. The quality of life does depend on bursts of fun to punctuate daily routines, and these two are superstars of play.


Twice a week, 29-year-old Caleb settles into a home away from home. Often he spends hours socializing with Easterseals Arc staff he adores. If there are more clients at the Respite House, Caleb usually has a bedroom to himself where he can rest or watch movies.


Cynthia has resurrected an old skill and is turning her abilities in a new direction: She’s building an inventory of products she has sewn and aims to sell them online.


After six months on the job at Jack’s Donuts, David loves his job. “I love the atmosphere here,” he said.


Luke taps the screen of an iPad, and a tiny machine voice chirps, “fish crackers.” Easterseals Arc staff member Danielle Jones gives him a yellow cracker shaped like a fish. Luke pops it into his mouth.


Ralph keeps McDonald’s scrupulously clean. Three days a week, from mid-morning to early afternoon, Ralph works a steady circuit around all the public areas of the restaurant on Coliseum Boulevard.


Since August 2017, Ricky has lost more than 65 pounds. He can walk farther. He used to wear size 48 pants; now his size 42s are pretty loose. He once wore 3X shirts; now he’s comfortable in a large.


Sara says only a few words. Her sentences are only a word long. But she cares about her friends in the Adult Day Center, and she’s becoming a leader.


Umi seafood and sushi restaurant has it all for Billy: a good schedule, a lunch break, and a great crew of supportive co-workers and managers.


When a New Haven teenager working to communicate better met a woman in a nursing home four years ago, it was the beginning of a friendship with real staying power.


A year of tight restrictions on socializing has cramped Martha’s style. She loves people, but she hasn’t seen nearly as many since the pandemic began last year.