Stories | Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana


Ayla Wagner’s afternoons at Easterseals Passages for her volunteer internship often start with card players beckoning. “That would usually be Jerritt,” Wagner said. “He’s the one holding up the cards usually.”


This was certainly a birthday to celebrate. Delores was now 95, the oldest person currently served by the Easterseals Arc network.
Delores ranged from happy to almost giddy throughout the party attended by family, housemates, friends and staff.


If Jesse were afraid to break a sweat, he wouldn’t be up to the demands of his job at Master Spas. “He’s a pretty hard worker,” said Scott Meyer, production manager for the acrylic spa line.


Chris is never idle at Fort Wayne Metals. He’s been employed there for more than a year, and he always has work to do. It’s been an opportunity for him to learn new skills and – he emphasizes this – “make new friends.”


It took more than one job for Isaiah to find a good fit, but that’s what he has at Vestil Manufacturing Corp. in Angola.


Angie  had lost her cleaning job when COVID hit, and she desperately wanted to work. At the same time, Diana Hart, founder of On Broadway Daycare , was in desperate need of more employees. Easterseals Arc’s employment services team brought them together.


Shanisha enjoys her job at Peg Perego in Fort Wayne. Getting help from an Easterseals Arc recreational therapist has helped her enjoy it more.


Succeeding at one community job is a significant accomplishment, but Damian had the drive to do more. He recently added a second part-time job to his busy life.


Zach sweats the small things, because dozens of small things taken together determine whether the Taco Bell where he works looks clean and inviting.

Kylee and Nick

Kylee and Nick met years ago through participation in Easterseals RISE programs. They began dating, and Nick proposed more than five years ago. In July 2023, they made it official with a wedding at a park pavilion on the east side of Angola.


Before his senior year of high school began, Julian was worried about working his first job – two hours each weekday at a Pizza Hut restaurant. Now, months later, his boss is so pleased with his work that he hopes to keep him on his team after Julian graduates.


The pace is fast, and the shift goes quickly. Rachel, 18, has found a good fit in a job preparing and serving food to hundreds of students.