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For years, Carroll High School senior Jenny has talked about how much she wants to get a job. Now with the help of Easterseals Arc, she’s getting experience every weekday afternoon working at Manchester University in Fort Wayne.


A team of Easterseals Arc staff have helped Tyler learn to communicate in new ways, reduce dangerous behaviors and build relationships with his roommates and his peers in day services. “This is his new life, and he loves it,” says Tyler’s mom, Tina Slater.


A visit from Norman is delightful for Zoey, a horse at Image of Hope Ranch in DeKalb County.


Madelein is working her way off Social Security benefits. The reason? Social Security limits on earned income interfere with her making the best living she can.


Daniel says writing nearly every day helps him understand himself. Now, about once a month, he comes to Easterseals Arc to show young people how writing can help them, too.


For a long time, Melissa wanted to work in a store. She found success at the Meijer store in Angola, where she has worked for more than a year and a half.


With support from Easterseals Arc staff, Ellish is learning social skills that help her succeed in the workplace.


Jon, an Easterseals Passages participant, is quick to describe himself as the “go-to guy” wherever he works, a man who masters many tasks so a supervisor can rely on him to fill a gap or learn a new job. That’s the way his part-time job at Pyrotek in Columbia City is turning out, too.

DJ Andrew

DJ Andrew has been practicing his craft at parties for decades. Now he’s finally a radio DJ, too.


For many years, Angie’s goal has been independence. She’s closer than ever now and can reflect on why she wants to accomplish so much on her own.


A year of tight restrictions on socializing has cramped Martha’s style. She loves people, but she hasn’t seen nearly as many since the pandemic began last year.


Umi seafood and sushi restaurant has it all for Billy: a good schedule, a lunch break, and a great crew of supportive co-workers and managers.