Kylee and Nick | Easterseals Arc of Northeast Indiana
Kylee and Nick became friends and then a couple at Easterseals RISE in Angola.
Nate Simons leads his daughter Kylee through a steady rain into the pavilion where she married Nick.
Pastor Tim Terrell performs Kylee and Nick’s wedding at a pavilion in Angola.
Kylee was so excited when guests arrived at the open house following her wedding that she often ran to meet them in the parking lot.
Nick and Kylee pose for photos during the open house following their wedding.

Kylee and Nick met years ago through participation in Easterseals RISE programs. They began dating, and Nick proposed more than five years ago.

In July 2023, they made it official with a wedding at a park pavilion on the east side of Angola. Pastor Tim Terrell of the Angola United Methodist Church conducted the ceremony. He’s known both Kylee and Nick for many years, and he provided some insight into their relationship during a warm, sometimes lighthearted message.

Terrell recalled asking Kylee what first made her notice Nick. “His laugh,” she responded. For Nick, Kylee’s smile was the first thing he first noticed.

Terrell then asked made each fall in love. Nick – such a traditional man – spelled it out: “Her cooking.” Kylee told Terrell she fell in love with Nick because of “protecting me and spending time with him.”

About 60 people were there for the wedding ceremony, and more than 100 showed up at the open house two hours later at the same pavilion.

After the guests had gone on their way and food had been cleaned up, Kylee and Nick moved into their own home, a house less than a block from Kylee’s parents. They’ll continue to have support from Easterseals RISE, too.

“They both have families that have been very supportive,” said Aimee Simons, Kylee’s mother. She said Kylee and Nick have both been part of one another’s family gatherings and holiday celebrations for years.

“They’re giddy. They like to play games together – board games, card games. They just like being together. They love going out to eat. They love to celebrate what they call their anniversaries (of their engagement and the start of their dating). They celebrate each other’s birthdays,” Simons said.

During the open house after the wedding, Kylee took the lead in giddiness. She was so excited by new guests’ arriving that she often ran into the parking lot to embrace them before they reached the pavilion.

It was an exciting start to their new life together, but their explanations are simple. As Kylee said at Easterseals RISE weeks before, leaning in to hug Nick, “It’s love.”